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Professional Development Offerings for 2021 

Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced educator, start your learning and teaching (L&T) journey with us!

Build and enhance your learning and teaching practice with the Staff Ed education learning map. Your skills and knowledge can be recognised when you complete the required components of Exploring Learning and Teaching and/or Coffee Courses.

Please click each learning and teaching area to find out the relevant programs, ANU Coffee Courses and workshops. 

Getting Started L&T at ANU Navigating Approaches to L&T Enhancing Learner Engagement Advancing and Assessing Student Learning Productive Planning Promoting Positive Learning Environment Developing Professional Practice Exploring Learning and Teaching ANU Coffee Courses Workshops Exploring Learning and Teaching ANU Coffee Courses Workshops

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The session shared valuable insights on the perspective of teaching itself followed by discussion on various ways of teaching.

Very engaging, lots of activities and genuinely thought-provoking content.

This was an excellent session, one of the many very informative and useful sessions I have attended this semester. I would want to congratulate and thank CLT for the amazing job they have done this semester. I am truly impressed.

I wish we will have more workshops as this is helpful in online teaching... we can offer more to the students. with new tools and their engagements. I thank and appreciate the team for their effort. Also, thank for sending us materials on this subject.