Interactive Zoom: Pre-Class

Before attending the workshop, please complete two short activities:


Activity 1


Thank you for completing Activity 1. The Jigsaw method is one type of small group activity you could utilise in your class. Do you think you could run a Jigsaw activity in Zoom? Have a think about how you might do it and vote below in Activity 2:


Activity 2

See the live results


Activity 3 (optional)

One final thing… if you are unfamiliar with how to share and annotate a Zoom whiteboard, we highly recommend that you watch a short segment of this video (auto starts at 1:36) to learn about this feature. We will be using it in our session. Feel free to start a Zoom meeting and test this out for yourself.


Interactive Zoom: Ideas for Small Group Activities


As part of our Zoom series, Interactive Zoom is an extremely hands-on workshop that aims to provide insights on running small group activities in Zoom. You will participate in a virtual small group activity to investigate various types of small group activities and how to implement them to support student engagement.

Who can attend?

Anyone who can use basic controls in Zoom such as such as joining breakout rooms, using chat, and sharing your screen and Zoom whiteboard.


No current sessions have been scheduled. Please check back later.
Please email the Staff Education Team if you would like to be notified.

Minimum numbers

We require a minimum number of registrations for this session. In the event that this number is not reached, we may cancel or reschedule and all participants will be notified.

What do you need?

A stable internet connection (min 1.5 Mps up/down) to enable video conferencing.
A suitable quiet space so that you can turn on your camera and speak freely in order to actively engage in the workshop.
Updated version of Zoom using the Exploring Zoom Handout.
A laptop or device that allows you to save and share files

Additional Resources

Teaching Remotely with Zoom – a series

After the rapid global transition to remote teaching last Semester, our ANU CLT Education Design Team are showcasing how ANU academics are using Zoom breakout rooms in different ways through a series of blog posts via the Centre’s Interact Blog. So, if you are feeling:

  • Zoomed out
  • Not able to offer the best experience you can
  • Keen to learn new ideas and ways of using Zoom but are too flat out to fully explore or
  • All of the above and more!

Then our new blog post series should help. It will present tips and tricks from ANU academics to help you get the most out of Zoom without having to venture far into the realm of the internet!

For more innovative approaches to learning and teaching, subscribe to the Interact Blog

Micro-credentials: Policy and Procedure


Are you interested in running a micro-credential and would like to learn more? This workshop focuses on the processes, policy and procedure and new guidelines on the roles of the Colleges and CLT regarding the establishment of micro-credentials at ANU. Places are limited, please register to secure your spot.


No current sessions have been scheduled. Please check back later.
Please email the ANU Micro-Credentials Team if you would like to be notified.

How-To Workshops

Our hands-on “How-To Workshops” aim to help you engage students in online learning environments. Through the course of these workshops, we will investigate the use of various tools and teaching strategies to promote online interactions. We aim to make these workshops as engaging as possible!

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Coffee Courses

Coffee courses are an easy way to learn new ideas for using technology in your teaching. Each coffee course will cover a new topic in education technology, teaching online, digital tools, pedagogy, or trends in technology. It is equivalent to a one- or two-hour face-to-face training session, but is done at your own pace from your own desk. Coffee courses are run through our dedicated ANU Coffee Courses blog.


Stay tuned, new Coffee Courses coming soon!

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Assessment Workshops

Did you experience challenges with adapting to remote assessment in Semester 1? Do you want to discuss what you learnt with other teaching staff and identify ways to improve? Get some tips from peers and educational designers? How can we bring students along with us in valuing academic integrity? 

Register to attend one of our workshops on assessment and let us know what questions or issues you would like to discuss.

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Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) Workshops

Would you like to gain recognition for your teaching through an internationally accredited body? Have you heard about the Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) and are keen to find out more? Then attend an EFS workshop to learn more.

  • The EFS Information session will introduce you to the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where to from now’ of engaging with the scheme.
  • The EFS Application Writing Workshop is designed for applicants who have a baseline knowledge of the scheme and are looking for further support in writing their applications, as well as drilling down further into the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF). The aim is for all attendees to have made some progress in the writing of their applications by the end of the workshop.
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