Designing Workshop

To learn more, please attend the workshop, Designing Micro-credentials and Professional Short Courses. For more information, you can also access the PowerPoint Slides.

Digital Toolkit

The Digital Pedagogy Toolkit is designed to help educators select digital tools to support learner engagement in synchronous learning environments.  It introduces small group interactive activities for different teaching and learning goals with recommendations for suitable digital tools and applications that could be used.

Course Planner

Download the Course Planner that that accompanies the workshop, Designing Micro-credentials and Professional Short Courses to help constructively align learning outcomes, course sessions and assessments. Access the workshop’s PowerPoint Slides to be guided through the use of the planner.

Academic Integrity

Learn about the drivers behind and opportunities for academic misconduct, as well as the use of various detection tools. Access the document, Managing Academic Integrity Risks in Micro-credentials for a summary and assessment ideas. Email us an expression of interest for the next Micro-credential Anti-plagiarism Workshop where you can practice using online tools and discuss different approaches.

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