Education Learning Map

Whether you are new to teaching or an experience educator, start your learning and teaching (L&T) with us! 

Build and enhance your learning and teaching practice with the Education Learning Map (ELM). Your skills and knowledge can be recognised when you complete the required components of Exploring Learning and Teaching and/or Coffee Courses. 

The ELM is a portal for discovering Staff Education’s suite of professional development offerings on learning and teaching. The ELM categorises all offerings by their type (Programs, Coffee Courses, and Workshops), as well as their topic (Learning and Teaching Areas).

The ELM is designed to give you autonomy in pursuing your professional development goals. Follow a horizontal pathway to gain skills and knowledge across each of the key learning and teaching areas in a specific delivery format. Alternatively, following a vertical pathway focuses your scholarship on that particular topic. The choice is yours!

To get started, simply click on the ELM to find out more about the offerings available in that topic and format. Once you have found your starting point, you can continue your professional development’s breadth by looking for more offerings horizontally, depth by looking vertically, or simply pick and choose individual offerings from across the ELM. Remember, the choice is entirely up to you.

Complete a vertical or horizontal pathway to gain recognised certification of your professional development.

Not sure where to begin? Scroll down to find out about each of the Learning and Teaching Areas, and the different offering types/formats.

7 Learning and Teaching Areas 

Getting Started Navigating Approaches to L&T Enhancing Learner Engagement Advancing and Assessing Student Learning Productive Planning and Preparation Promoting Positive Learning Environment Developing Professional Practice

Every Higher Education institution is underpinned by its own culture and policies. Whether you are new to ANU, or wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest changes, Getting Started will set you up for learning and teaching at ANU.

Navigating Approaches examines meta-cognition, or how students learn, to help you determine the best ways to approach your learning and teaching.

Attracting and maintaining student interest is a constant challenge – regardless of whether you are teaching face-to-face or in a remote environment.  Find out how to inspire your students’ learning with Enhancing Engagement.

Determining appropriate assessments and communicating their purpose to students are challenging, but necessary, aspects of learning and teaching.  Advancing and Assessing Learning explores ways of teaching and assessing for lifelong learning.

Overly-complicated lesson designs are often time-consuming and impractical to implement. Productive Planning and Preparation equips you with skills and techniques to design effective lessons and courses.

Educators play a vital role in creating learning environments that encourage and facilitate learning and teaching. Find out how to support your students through designing Positive Learning Environments.

Lifelong learning is a goal for passionate educators as well as students. Through reflecting on our own, and others’, teaching practices, we grow as educators.  Discover best approaches to learning and teaching from across the ANU in Developing Professional Practice.

Professional Development Offerings 

ELT offers a hands-on experience that introduces you to important aspects of learning and teaching in the higher education context. This program is ideal for anyone who is new to teaching or looking to consolidate their teaching practice.

Coffee courses are an easy way to learn new ideas for using technology in your teaching. Each coffee course will cover a new topic in education technology, teaching online, digital tools, pedagogy, or trends in technology. It is equivalent to a one- or two-hour face-to-face training session, but is done at your own pace from your own desk.

Workshops are the ideal way to up-skill and stay up-to-date across a range of learning and teaching topics.  These one-hour workshops cover digital pedagogies and platforms, and innovative teaching tools and methods for both face-to-face and remote learning environments.