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Did you experience challenges with adapting to remote assessment in Semester 1? Do you want to discuss what you learnt with other teaching staff and identify ways to improve? Get some tips from peers and educational designers? How can we bring students along with us in valuing academic integrity?

Register to attend one of our workshops on assessment and let us know what questions or issues you would like to discuss.



We are currently planning two open-invitation workshops (but will add more if there is demand):

  1. Tuesday 15 September, 1pm-3pm
  2. Thursday 17 September, 10am-3pm



The workshops will be online, via Zoom or MS Teams. You will also have access to a WATTLE site that will support the workshop with resources, as well as brief pre- and post-workshop activities to do at your own pace.



To share experiences and identify an adaption that you want to implement in your course for Semester 2 to improve the remote assessment experience. The workshop will be action-focussed aimed at equipping you with a plan you can develop further.

The objectives of the assessment workshops are for academics to:

  1. Engage in a supportive discussion about problems, issues or frustrations experienced with remote assessment in Semester 1;
  2. From this discussion identify one or two specific needs that they would like to address in their course for semester 2 (or semester 1 2021, as appropriate), with a focus on how high-stakes assessment affects student behavaiour;
  3. Discuss how a focus on an educative approach (for students) toward academic integrity can assist with the needs identified at objective 2;
  4. Describe how a focus on an assessment design can assist with the needs identified at objective 2
  5. Determine one or two specific adaptations to explore further post-workshop (and identify what services are available to support this) that could be implemented to address the needs identified at objective 2

The event is finished.


Tue 15 Sep, 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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