Advancing Learning and Teaching (ALT)


Advancing Learning and Teaching (ALT) is for academics, course convenors and program leaders looking to holistically invigorate and improve the teaching and learning experience in their course(s) through course design and the use of diverse research-led approaches to enhance teaching, student engagement and assessment.  

Extending on our Exploring Learning and Teaching (ELT) Staff Education program, ALT provides extended opportunity for peer-led discussion and showcasing of course and assessment examples, skill development, critical analysis and follow-up action research with a view to advancing learning and teaching at ANU.   

On completion, participants will be encouraged to review and re-design their own course(s) in light of the ANU context and priorities, curriculum and student learning needs and academic expectations supporting a positive student experience. More information about the ALT modules and weekly partnered workshops is below.

Who can participate?

ALT participants are usually: 

  • Educators and academics with teaching experience of 2 years or more, or who have responsibility for designing or convening courses and programs at ANU;
  • Professional staff with faculty-centred support roles and professional input into the student learning experience and/or prospective courses;
  • Experienced educators looking to invigorate and/or re-design courses and improve their teaching practice; and  
  • Educators proactively benchmarking and seeking improvement in course delivery and the student experience;


  • Synchronous modules (M1 to M6) will run every Thursday with partnered complementary workshops each week on Tuesdays
  • Starting date: March 2022, To be confirmed
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: TBC

Note for F2F delivery: 

  1. Due to changing circumstances, we may need to switch to online delivery with minimal notice. We will inform you as soon as possible if this happens. 
  2. We require a minimum number of registrations for this session. If the number is not reached, we may cancel or reschedule and all participants will be notified.

Program description 

ALT comprises six core modules, and six complementary workshops which are partnered with each ALT moduleComplementary workshops are delivered by ANU academics and experts and provide further understanding and local examples which will help you enhance your knowledge and skills as an educator. 

ALT six Modules 
Complementary six Workshops

Module 1 – Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Knowing the context in which educators teach is as important as developing teaching practices.  Find out about learning and teaching in Higher Education, and how this relates to ANU.

Academic Quality and Integrity: Governance, Policy and Practice Considerations

Professor Royston Gustavson, Dean of Academic Quality, will provide an overview of the governance and policy structures at ANU, and detail some new resources, policy and procedures relating to The Academic Integrity Rule 2021, which comes into effect this December.

Module 2 – Learning Theories and Their application
The way students learn informs effective teaching practices.This module examines learning in higher education, and how educators can teach to enhance these learning processes.

Interactive Zoom: How to Keep Remote Learning Engaging
This workshop will explore how to apply interactive learning pedagogies and techniques in a remote learning environment. What will I get out of this workshop?

  • Different types of small-group activities
  • Digital tools to help create a collaborative learning space

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Module 3 – Course Design
Although an often-overlooked aspect of teaching, course design plays an integral role in engaging learning.  This module develops course and curriculum design principles that facilitate inclusive and engaging learning and teaching.

Course Design at ANU: A case for innovation, renovation or minor refurbishment
 Would you like to design or redesign one of your courses and enhance your teaching skills?

Join A/Prof Alexandra Webb to discuss strategies on course design and teaching that focuses on enhancing student learning whilst using some course design examples at ANU.

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Module 4 – Student Engagement and Academic Care
Increasingly, educators in higher education employ holistic approaches to learning and teaching.  Explore the pastoral and academic factors that affect learning and teaching in this module.

Student Engagement and Wellbeing: Insights to the student experience cycle, academic care and services at ANU
This workshop is set to expand your understanding on the experience of ANU students with particular attention paid to key times in the lifecycle where you have the opportunity to make the biggest impact, retention factors and a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion. You’ll learn not just about the student experience but how you can make a difference within it.

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Module 5 – Assessment for Learning
While a significant part of leaning and teaching, the role of assessment is often undervalued by educators and learners alike. This module evaluates effective approaches to assessment and feedback to support lifelong learning.

Not Another Essay: Exploring contemporary assessment ideas and examples which enhance learning and career-relevance.
In this workshop, join Dr Chris Browne and A/Prof Catherine Frieman as they look at some situations where essays and reports have been replaced with ‘Learning Portfolios’ and ‘UnEssays’ in subjects from archaeology to law to engineering.

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Module 6 – Improving Your Professional Practices
Lifelong learning is applicable to educators as well as their learners.  Through evaluation and self-reflection, this module provides a framework for continuous professional development and improvement.

EFS: Information Session

This EFS information session will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to get started on your application. The EFS Team will guide you through the application process, show you how to get started, and answer your questions.

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Completion of the program

To successfully complete the program, you must attend and actively participate in all synchronous modules M1-M6attend four or more of the ALT complementary workshops and submit the weekly completion tasks in your own time. 

Participants may attempt program modules in any order, and do not have to register for all modules at one time.  Please note that all modules must be completed within a 2-year period to be eligible to successfully complete the program.  Participants who exceed a 2-year period should contact to discuss options.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a non-award certificate from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT).  This certificate, along with the completion tasks, may form the basis of an application with the ANU Education Fellowship Scheme, and related Micro-Credentials.


Participation is free of charge for staff of the Australian National University.

If for any reason you are no longer able to attend a session, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can plan accordingly and your spot can be given to someone else on the waiting list.