Leading Learning and Teaching (LLT)


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The LLT program supports experienced academics and senior professional staff in leading and/or influencing learning and teaching at the strategic college and/or program level.

LLT provides weekly complex scenarios for participants to “unpack” and provide a set of recommendations in light of ANU’s strategic priorities and the impact on learning and teaching, with consideration to the HE context, relevant policies and benefits for staff, students and the college.

Facilitated by some of our most experienced and senior leaders across a range of disciplines, participants will receive advice and guidance as they focus on interrelated scenario topics such as student experience, quality learning and teaching, digital technology, graduate attributes and leading change in HE.

LLT is offered once each semester through internal selection processes and creates a fun opportunity for emerging leaders to collaborate and network with peers and senior leaders on topics identified in the ANU strategic plan as relevant to learning and teaching and the student academic experience.

LLT participants – selection process

Expression of Interest is managed by the college ADE. As a guideline, LLT participants should align with one of the following:

  • Employed in a senior academic (C+) or professional (SM 1+) leadership role at ANU
  • Program convenors and/or senior professional staff with more than 5 years FTE HE employment experience
  • Completion of ELT and ALT plus more than 3 years FTE teaching experience as a course convener
  • 5 years FTE course convening experience and have held EFS Fellow for two years

If you are interested in participating in this program, please get in touch with your college ADE directly. In some cases ADEs will approach members of staff to offer the opportunity to participate in LLT.

Should you have any questions about LLT, email staffeducation@anu.edu.au

Contact your ADE now!


2022 LLT schedule

Semester 1: Thursday 7 April, 2022 (Module 0). All subsequent modules (M1-M5) will be held on Fridays, starting 22 April, 2022
9:30am – 11:30am
Semester 2: Each Wednesday from 21 September – 26 October 2022 (M0-M5)
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Chancelry Building 10T1, Seminar Room 1.08

Note for F2F delivery:

  1. Due to changing circumstances, we may need to switch to online delivery with minimal notice. We will inform you as soon as possible if this happens.
  2. We require a minimum number of registrations for this session. If the number is not viable, we may cancel or reschedule and all participants will be notified.

Program Description

LLT comprises six core modules

Module LLT Semester 1 Presenters
M0 – Welcome: Process, Pedagogy and Participation
Wednesday 21 September – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
Prof Grady Venville
Dr Kerrie Wilde
M1 – Prioritising the Student Experience at ANU
Wednesday 28 September – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
A/Prof Anna Cowan
A/Prof Roald Maliangkaij
M2 – Quality of Teaching and Learning
Wednesday 5 October – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
Prof Royston Gustavson
A/Prof Natalie Lloyd
M3 – Technology and the Student Learning Experience
Wednesday 12 October – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
Prof Katherine Daniell
A/Prof Geoff Hinchcliffe
M4 – College Leadership and Leading Teaching Teams
Wednesday 19 October – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
A/Prof Bronwen Whiting
Scott Pearsall (Registrar)
M5 – Leading Change at ANU
Wednesday 26 October – 3:00opm to 5:00pm
Prof Maryanne Dever
Prof Joan Leach

Completion of the program

To successfully complete the program, participants are required to attend all modules, unless unique circumstances apply. If participants anticipate missing more than one module, then they should consider future offerings to ensure the program has maximum learning benefit and minimal disruption for all persons involved.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a non-award certificate from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). Activities completed as part of this program may be used to stimulate ideas, research and reflections incorporated in future ANU Education Fellowship Scheme applications.


—Participation is free of charge for staff of the Australian National University.—