Student Engagement and Wellbeing: Insights to the student experience, academic care and services at ANU


How well do you understand university students and the impact you can have on them?

Many academics don’t realise how much of a difference they can make on the experience of students at university, ultimately leading to impacts on their academic outcomes as well. This workshop is set to expand your understanding on the experience of ANU students with particular attention paid to key times in the lifecycle where you have the opportunity to make the biggest impact, retention factors and a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion. You’ll learn not just about the student experience but how you can make a difference within it.


Who can attend?

All ANU staff – anyone interested in learning and teaching in Higher Education setting. 
Please ensure you can use basic controls in Zoom such as joining breakout rooms, using chat, and sharing your screen and Zoom whiteboard.


No current sessions have been scheduled. Please check back later.
Please email the Staff Education Team if you would like to be notified.

Minimum numbers

We require a minimum number of registrations for this session. In the event that this number is not reached, we may cancel or reschedule and all participants will be notified.


Mrs Sarah Walker (Swenson)

Manager, Engagement and Success
Student and University Experience

What do you need?

A stable internet connection (min 1.5 Mps up/down) to enable video conferencing.
A suitable quiet space so that you can turn on your camera and speak freely in order to actively engage in the workshop.
Updated version of Zoom using the Exploring Zoom Handout.
A laptop or device that allows you to save and share files