Wattle Support


This website is no longer active.
Please visit the Professional Learning website for all current programs and workshops.

If you have any questions related to CLT Professional Learning workshops and programs please contact clt@anu.edu.au


You will find a list of ANU Wattle workshops below. Workshops are led and delivered by the Learning Systems Support Group (LSSG). All registrations are completed via ANU HORUS.

AOW015 Getting started in Wattle 
Led by Grant Melvin, LSSG

AOW017 Getting started in Wattle – Gradebook
Led by Grant Melvin, LSSG

Self-paced Training

You will find a list of ANU Wattle Sites below. If a link directs you to a Wattle login page, you may need to return to this page and click on the link again to take you to the Wattle site.

Echo360 ALP Online Training

Janene Harman and Katie Freund, Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

This Wattle site will help ANU staff use the Echo360 Active Learning Platform for lecture recordings and interactive, in-class activities.

Teaching in Kambri

Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

ANU’s newest teaching and learning precinct, Kambri, was specifically designed to embrace interactive learning approaches.  This Wattle site is for ANU staff looking to become acquainted with:

  • Learning spaces in the Marie Reay building
  • AV and technology in the precinct
  • Interactive learning approaches
Turnitin Online Training

Katie Freund, Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

This Wattle site is designed to help lecturers and tutors create and use Turnitin for their teaching.  It contains self-paced modules on:

  • Configuring Turnitin
  • Interpreting originality reports
  • How to mark assignments
Wattle Basics Online (Staff)

Katie Freund, Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

There are a number of self-paced modules within this Wattle site which will assist you in building and using Wattle.  Topics include:

  • An introduction to Wattle
  • Designing courses
  • Adding and managing content
  • How to use Wattle to make your course interactive and engaging
Wattle I Do?

Rowena Tayler-Henry, Science Teaching and Learning Centre (STLC)

You will find a great set of practical how-to guides along  with tips based on student feedback from Semester one. This site aims to provide you with how-to information on how get ready to teach online. This includes how to:

  • Update and enhance your Wattle site
  • Keep in contact with students
  • Manage Echo360 Lecture Recordings
  • Host Zoom Online Classrooms and Poll Everywhere
  • Use Microsoft Office 365, Teams and Powerpoint
  • House Large Files in Cloudstor and Echo to avoid slowing down your Wattle site